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Have diarrhoea, feel sick, have a low resistance to infection, need to pass urine more often and have sore skin in the treatment area. viagra daily how long     you can view and print the quick guides for all the pages in the treating bowel cancer section. c20 viagra   back to top     combining radiotherapy and chemotherapy for rectal cancer specialists often treat rectal cancer with radiotherapy either before or after surgery. This can help to stop the cancer from coming back. It can also shrink the cancer in the back passage and make it easier to remove surgically. You are likely to have chemotherapy at the same time as the radiotherapy treatment. The chemotherapy makes the cancer cells more sensitive to the radiation. So this combined treatment is likely to be more successful than radiotherapy on its own. viagra online It is also called chemoradiation, chemoradiotherapy or concomitant chemotherapy and radiotherapy. viagra uk sales The chemotherapy drug used most often is called fluorouracil (5fu), pronounced floo-or-yoo-ra-sill. c20 viagra Doctors often use this drug to treat bowel cancer but it is also a radiosensitiser. That means it makes cells sensitive to radiation. Back to top     having fluorouracil you may have 5fu in the following ways through a drip (an infusion) as an infusion through a pump you wear 24 hours a day as capecitabine tablets – the body turns capecitabine into 5fu as a series of injections into a vein before radiotherapy treatment research is looking into different ways of having 5fu to find out which is best. Many people prefer to have tablets rather than injections. But we need more research to be sure that capecitabine tablets work as well as 5fu into a vein when you have it with radiotherapy for rectal cancer. generic viagra without prescription There is information about trials for rectal cancer on our clinical trials database. viagra no prescription Pick 'bowel' from the dropdown menu of cancer types. Back to top     chemoradiotherapy side effects having chemotherapy and radiotherapy together can make the side effects of the treatments worse. viagra samples The combined treatment may make you feel very tired. You may also have diarrhoea, feel sick, and have a low resistance to infection. viagra 30 day free coupon The radiotherapy may make you feel that you need to pass urine more often and can cause very sore skin in the treatment area. c20 viagra There is information about the side effects of 5fu in our chem. viagra online without prescription Manoël Couder Félix Couder Eléonore Couder Claire Couder Wilberz Félix Couder
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